However you acquired your investable assets, be it through disciplined saving, regular contributions to a retirement vehicle, an inheritance, the sale of a property, the sale of a business or any combination of these, being appointed to advise you on the preservation and growth of your assets is not an appointment we take lightly.


As with any of our advisory relationships we begin with a clear understanding of your current circumstances and your long term goals. For some clients that may be investing to provide the certainty of a future monthly income. For others it may mean investing to achieve capital growth that compounds year after year. For others it could mean investing to enable a lifestyle that caters for living in a foreign country after retirement.

Just as we are all unique as individuals so too are our financial needs. Once we understand your unique requirements we are able to construct an investment strategy that fits.

Selecting suitable products is vital if we are to achieve the stated objectives. Our total independence in this regard is a strength that sets WellsFaber apart.  We are not obliged or incentivised to support one investment provider over another which means that we are able to consistently deliver on the stated investment objectives set in the planning process.

We rigorously research and assess investment products and vehicles on an ongoing basis, and only approve those we consider best in their class. Only these approved investment vehicles are recommended to clients by our wealth managers.

The WellsFaber’s Investment Committee meets on a regular basis to monitor the investment performance of our product selection as well as the economic and market related factors affecting investment decisions to ensure we are able to offer the best solution to our clients at all times.

Investing is at the heart of our client relationships, and WellsFaber has delivered in this regard for close to 30 years.