WellsFaber has just under 30 years’ experience in assisting clients to manage their financial needs through their retirement.


Retirement is a point in life where important and complex financial decisions are made. Our advice starts by first understanding your unique circumstances and long term goals. These goals might include providing for a regular monthly income through your lifetime, maintaining a certain standard of living, providing a supplementary income to children, or preserving capital for an inheritance to children living locally or abroad.

Whatever your objective, we will guide you in understanding the optimal income that can be safely drawn to ensure that your capital sum is not eroded, but also vitally that your income can increase to keep pace with inflation

Although reviewing your will and ensuring optimal estate planning is something that should be addressed as early as possible we often find that it is at retirement stage that this becomes a strong focus point and our many years of experience in this area ensures that we are able to provide sound advice in this regard.

Saving & Planning for Retirement

Saving and planning for retirement, whether you are at the beginning, middle or end of your working life is paramount. The earlier one can start this process, the better as the power of compounding is a powerful tool in achieving ones goals.

There are many ways to save towards your retirement. Some of our clients contribute to an employment retirement scheme, others contribute to a retirement annuity and some prefer the flexibility of saving outside of a retirement vehicle. Our advice takes all of these into account, when advising on the appropriate vehicle for retirement, but most importantly our advice focusses on your unique circumstances and goals.

We have sophisticated in house tools which allow us to accurately forecast how much you will need to save and how much you need to grow your current savings by in order to achieve your retirement objectives. The outcome of this analysis forms the foundation of your retirement plan.