Managing risk is a key pillar of the financial planning process and insurance is a powerful product that we use for this purpose.


On a personal level, this means ensuring there is adequate income available for your family to continue with their existing lifestyle in the event of an untimely death or disability, or the contraction an illness classified as “dread disease”.

In a business context this may mean contingent liability insurance to cover any loans or personal surety that you have provided to or on behalf of your business, as well as key man insurance or insurance to finance buy and sell agreements.

Insurance is also part of the estate planning process as it can be used to pay for lump sum payments due by an estate, such as a tax payment, that otherwise would need to be funded by the sale of assets, such as the family home.

All of our advice is provided after gathering the relevant information pertinent to your unique circumstances and the processing of this information using sophisticated in-house tools. Most importantly, our independence from all service providers means we are able to gather quotes from numerous insurance providers to ensure that you have the best cover at the most affordable cost.