“What our minds can create, our character should control.” Thomas Edison

Money is a tricky tool; too little and we fear how we will get by; too much, and we fear wasting it. Whilst much of traditional financial planning and advice has focussed on the numbers, formulas and historical market commentary, we have always believed that to live in our wealthspace means that we need to connect all the dots, not just the few that pay the bills each month.

Whilst our minds can create solutions and inventions that impress and astound, we can also create problems that don’t exist and develop fears that aren’t the truth. Character is built in every decision we make, whether from unlimited freedom to create something valuable or from limiting beliefs that keep us governed by fears and untruths. 

We form and reform our character in these moments because we commit to irreversible courses of action that shape our personal and professional identities. During this process of translating our personal values into calculated actions, we can begin to hold ourselves accountable for who we are, not just what we do.

This is why we find reflection such a powerful tool, not just in our money choices but all of our choices. Reflection allows us to refocus and reframe our core values and not get lost in the rat race of making more money, attending more meetings and keeping up with the Joneses.

In fact, some of the most challenging moments we face are the ones that ask us to bring a healthier balance to work and family life. It’s tough because we are forced to look inward and acknowledge the difference between the romantic idealism of our hearts and the messy reality of the world around us.

In this space, we are able to build resilience to push through the resistance of life and become better, healthier, happier, and more fulfilled people. Life cannot just be about creating and protecting our wealth; it has to be about how our character can define how we use our cash reserves to help, heal and encourage.

This is where we find the space to thrive.