We have found that it’s often easier to look at others and see their blindspots, hangups and issues than to look at our own. It’s scarily easy for us to pass comments and fall into a negative cycle of thinking, “should they be with that person?” or “should they be spending money on that right now?”

Luckily, we don’t only do it in a negative way! We also look to people who inspire us and comment about them, perhaps saying things like, “I don’t know how they fit it all in and still seem to be doing so well!” 

If you’ve ever looked at someone and thought they needed a coach or mentor, they probably don’t have one. If you’ve ever looked at someone and felt that they don’t need a coach (because they’re doing so well), they probably have one!

Coaches and mentors have proliferated in recent years. We no longer need to be high-performing athletes, musicians or executives in the business sector to work with a coach. 

We simply need to know that we want more.

If we can recognise healthy or unhealthy patterns in others, then we hold some hope of being able to see them in ourselves, but we often need a coach or a mentor to help us maintain that space long enough to make a change.

A mentor shares their knowledge, skills and experience to help us to develop and grow. A coach guides our goals and helps us reach our full potential. Sometimes these are different people at different points in our lives, and other times we find this support in existing people in our lives. 

It’s wonderful when it happens organically, but more often than not, we need to be intentional about choosing the right people to coach and mentor us, and we need to permit them to help us improve.

At WellsFaber, our belief in integrating all of your life choices with your money choices allows us the opportunity to coach and mentor our clients. We help you identify areas that are holding you back or blocking you from thriving and living in your wealthspace, which is why: we advise, you thrive. For our advice to help you thrive, we need to look at all the areas of your life that are impacted by your beliefs and behaviours around money.

If you’d like to think bigger and explore new opportunities to expand your wealthspace, let’s chat!