The fastest way to a wealthy lifestyle, the magic bullet, the one trick that nobody wants you to know about is… winning the lottery.

But this isn’t very good advice, is it?

The inherent randomness and impossible odds mean that we have no control over the outcome of winning the lottery. It is possibly the least effective financial strategy one could adopt.

The truth is that there are no shortcuts to building wealth, but that doesn’t mean that growing your wealth should be an impossible endeavour. Bringing convenience to financial planning is not about looking for shortcuts, it’s about finding ways to work smarter so that we don’t have to work harder

We can either choose to take two steps forward and one step back, or take one step forward? In the end we find ourselves in the same position, but one method is erratic and not carefully considered, while the other is building a mindset of growth and momentum. Where shortcuts seek to cut corners to ‘get ahead’, taking deliberate, considered action allows us to ensure that we do not compromise on any aspect of our financial journey.

Convenience can be defined as being able to proceed with something with as little difficulty as possible. Shortcuts may be easy, but they are often shrouded in chance and guess work, and they don’t necessarily take us down the path that we want to go. One strategy to increase convenience when it comes to our finances is to regain control by having a broad overview, or financial plan, in place – this makes it easier for us to proceed.

At WellsFaber, the convenience we provide means that it’s easy to stay on track with your overall financial position – especially when other economic factors start to complicate your life. you can view all your investments in a single snapshot on your consolidated investment report.

We provide advice on all aspects of personal and business financial planning to help you thrive: investing to grow your money, planning for retirement, protecting your personal wealth or business against the impact of unexpected events, and setting up your estate to provide for your family and loved ones when you pass away. This allows for peace of mind, knowing that your plan covers every aspect of your finances.

Bruce Lee once said, “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” In looking for shortcuts we are often thinking about a goal without putting any action in place.

We help you take action without wasting time on costly shortcuts. Let us provide you with the convenience to thrive – let’s get in touch!