“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.” Leonardo DiCaprio

If you’ve ever thought – I wish I’d known this in my twenties… then you’ve subtly acknowledged that the person you are now is different to the person you were back then. We are surrounded by conversations of change and forward-thinking, and it can cause us to panic and hold on to our integrity by not wanting to change who we are.

But we have to change if we want to grow. It doesn’t mean that our core motivations, our why, has to change, but our understanding and engagement with our ‘why’ can change, deepen and become radically more meaningful.

In order to make any change, we need to do something different. This doesn’t need to be huge, but it must be something. Start small, but decide at least to start. Sure, it will be uncomfortable, but we need to embrace this discomfort instead of resisting it, which is our natural ‘go-to’ response. By resisting change, we stagnate. We convince ourselves it is more comfortable to keep the status quo, which makes it easy to feel stuck and limited to our preconceived perceptions of who we think we are or should be. 

Instead, it is helpful to remain conscious, connected and awake to the possibilities of change, however small, that constantly present themselves to us in life. Set the intention to surprise yourself!

It takes courage to commit to this and get through the initial discomfort, but this is outweighed by the meaning it brings and the feeling of ‘rightness’ in connecting with yourself. It is truly liberating to actually surprise yourself and to find your comfort zone in being different to how you ever thought you would be. 

As Marshall Goldsmith, renowned leadership consultant has said, “What got you here, won’t get you there.” Another change will be required as the next level of life presents and as the journey of evolution continues. Only you decide how to respond to each stage of life and how you respond will determine the next stage, and the next after that.

Our potential is not fixed; it’s limitless. However, it is up to each of us alone to determine how far we go – and to let go of the notion of “finding” ourselves, but to create ourselves instead.

These opportunities bring about life changes, and those bring about money changes. Our finances are affected by every opportunity we embrace, and they’re also limited by every opportunity we miss.

Let us at WellsFaber support you in creating yourself through the different life stages – to reach your full potential as you change and grow in life and wealth.