The famous inscription on the Parthenon temple in Athens reads: ‘know thyself.’ Did you ever think that was a command that could relate to your finances?

It does, because the best financial plans are personalised, unique to you and only you because your spending habits, goals, lifestyle, beliefs around money, upbringing and dreams are unique. That’s why we build each of our clients a personalised financial plan.

And so, step one for our clients is… figuring out exactly what those goals, dreams, beliefs around money and spending habits are.

Having a personal wealth manager, like our clients do at WellsFaber, can be quite an experience for some. Your goals, finances and monetary habits are under a microscope, the laser one-on-one focus of a professional listening to you and only you as an individual. There are no generic, half-hearted ideas to hide behind – it’s about you. So, what do you really want?

Do you know?

The more you begin to identify exactly what you want (it’s a journey that changes often), and the more comfortable you are in your own skin and emotionally healthy to be able to communicate clearly and openly what you want, the more value you’ll get from your wealth journey. Having the freedom to thrive has to involve a journey inward.

Here at WellsFaber, we understand and respect that you have a unique personality, family, background, perspective about life and money, and dreams and fears. This means that the same goal, such as saving for a comfortable retirement, will mean a different thing for you than for the next person, and will involve a different journey. That is why we don’t follow a standard, one-size-fits-all approach, but listen to what’s important to you. Only then do we provide advice to meet your aspirations.

If you want to get the best out of your finances, it’s extremely valuable to look deeply at your unique ideas around money, how and why you spend, what you hope to use your money for one day and where you need it to take you in the near future. We can help you do this; knowing your unique circumstances and considering this context in all our conversations together, we can use our professional experience coupled with better understanding of who you are and advise you in a wealth space where you have the freedom to thrive.

So, make a start today. Know thyself.