At WellsFaber, we want you to thrive. Our team are passionate about providing personalised financial advice and helping you thrive, regardless of your aspirations or circumstances.

Your aspirations are not only important, but they’re also crucial to what will bring you joy, fulfilment and building a legacy that will survive you. Managing your financial wellness is not likely to be one of your aspirations, but it’s important if you want to thrive – that’s why you need a partner.

Here, we’ve rounded up four hallmarks of how our partnership will help you thrive:

We see you as an individual
This is the first step to actively hearing and listening to you. Our team will never adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach, nor will we push you to engage with a plan that you do not fully identify with.

Your individual identity is what is important to our first conversations because this helps us set the pace for what you believe it means to thrive.

To some, R15k per month is comfortable while to others R70k is barely enough. All of this is linked to what you actually want to do with your money. Do you want your money to give you freedom or peace of mind? Do you want it to give you confidence or security? Do you want your money to give you purpose or anonymity?

Many subtle things play into this, from your childhood dreams and upbringing to your views on money and your spending habits. When we engage in these conversations, we have to see you as an individual.

We’re experienced – we’ve been here for over thirty years
There are some pearls of wisdom in life that only come with experience, and an adept skill with financial advice is one of them. As an advisory firm, our experience and qualifications in the industry to provide high-quality advice is crucial to helping you thrive.

For example, our firm prides itself on using advisors with ten to thirty years’ experience for its clients because we feel that, with a wealth of experience, you can be confident about meeting your goals with correctly positioned, personalised advice.

We ask the right questions
This goes hand-in-hand with having enough experience – we ask more questions than providing answers in initial meetings. This is because we know that assumption is a dangerous thing, and we see you as an individual. You’re not like any of our other clients.

If we don’t ask the right questions, there’s a lot of room to misunderstand you. The more questions we ask, the more pieces of your thrive-puzzle we are able to put into place to understand what thriving looks like to you – and then we can start the journey to help you thrive.

We have to ask better questions – only then do we provide advice to meet your aspirations and give you the confidence to thrive.

We’re committed to a relationship with you
This is one of the rarest but also one of the most important characteristics of the financial planning industry: we think long-term.

We engage with you as though we are personally advising you on how your money will empower you to thrive thirty years from now. We pride ourselves on committing to our client relationships because it’s the best way to ensure that we always have the necessary context and information to advise you and empower you with confidence around your plan. It’s also one of the most rewarding parts of our jobs – seeing you thrive.

Life’s too short to waste on lukewarm advice. Life is too short not to thrive!

We advise. You thrive.