We advise; you thrive. That’s what we aim for. 

We believe that with a sound financial plan built on professional, personal advice, you will be able to live the life you want.

Money is more than the figures in your bank or investment account. It’s giving your children the education they want. It’s protecting your health. It’s supporting your friends and family when they need help. It’s the relief that the bills are taken care of when your loved one’s in hospital. It’s the privilege of looking forward to financial independence instead of being anxious about it.

All of these feelings and privileges remind us that thriving is not just a financial measurement; it’s about those around us, how much command we enjoy over our personal time and how we can maintain and improve our health. All of these lead to a freedom that builds our confidence to thrive in life.

In order to thrive, we need to be wealthy in several areas: financial, time, health and social. These are all intrinsically connected, so any and every decision we make impacts the others. This is why planning cannot simply focus on one area alone; it’s also what makes the process so personal.

We can choose to plan from a position of power and confidence (when things are going well), or we can choose to plan from a position of crisis. Some people only start to plan for their financial affairs when they find themselves swimming in debt. Some only take a particular interest in their health when they get sick or injured. The same applies to the people we share our life with and how we spend our time.

Our team has dedicated themselves to discovering how all these areas are linked and how we can leverage your financial planning into a space that explores what wealth truly means to you. Whilst we specialise in the technicalities of financial planning, we have a steady eye on how it’s connected to your health, your social commitments and increasing your freedom of time.

Just as your financial planning considers many factors (budgeting, saving, risk, investing, tax etc.), your health is not just a physical concern. It includes your mental, emotional and spiritual health too. Peace of mind when it comes to your financial affairs plays a significant role in your mental health, whilst having money to donate or support others is important for emotional and spiritual health.

Investing money towards financial independence will free up time in the future, but having a balanced approach to how you spend your time (in the same way that you would have a balanced approach to spending money) is enormously valuable.

Ultimately, we believe that it’s about having the time, health and money you need to live the life you want with the people who mean the most to you. These are four ways to thrive in life!