“All problems become smaller when you confront them instead of dodging them.” – William F. Halsey

Life’s problems can be scary – and the bigger we dream, the bigger our problems seem! This doesn’t mean we need to dial back, it just means we need a strategy to approach our problems. 

A strategy – and a partner!

As we partner with our clients, creating strategies (solutions to financial problems) takes unique forms, but the approach is uniform.

Simplifying complexity, facilitating better conversations and creating convenience to thrive are some of the key ways in which we do this. Regardless of the techniques that you choose to use, you should adopt a structured approach that utilizes systematic methods in order to help you stay organized and focused.

Here are some techniques that we find help to minimize problems:

Write it down

Some problems hang over us as an immeasurable haze of doubt and angst. Writing something down immediately defines and identifies it, giving us the first steps to finding a solution. There is a reason that journaling is used as a therapeutic tool. It helps our brain let go of some of the stress.

Writing it down also allows us to explore our financial fumbles of the past, maybe there are some common mistakes that we are repeating and this record will provide a basis on which we can connect the dots.

Use affirmative vocabulary

The words that we use to describe a problem reflects a lot about how we feel about that problem. A ‘complex challenge’ might not necessarily sound easier, but it certainly sounds more manageable than a ‘complete disaster’. Reframing problems as challenges or opportunities can change our thinking from one of worry to proactive actionable solutions. 

Small meaningful steps

If you’ve ever had a burst water pipe in your house you are familiar with a feeling of futility in the face of calamity. You might lay down some towels as damage control but it isn’t exactly solving the problem. However, after switching off the water mains and calling a plumber you feel a sense of release. (PSA: if you don’t know where your water main valve is – find it now before you HAVE to find it!)

One of the greatest reliefs when facing a problem is knowing that you are not alone. You have people that you can reach out to and rely on for impartial advice. We are not only here to offer guidance, but also to remind you to be kind to yourself.

We all have problems we need to face. Let us help you face them, and solve them.