“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Appreciate the value of putting a plan in place and not merely spending time ‘with our heads in the clouds’. As Lee Bolman says, a vision without a strategy is just an illusion.

Over the last few weeks we have looked at identifying our dragons and how to confront and slay them to eliminate the risks they may pose; considered the benefits of imagination and dreaming on creativity and planning; and the importance of active preparation through the sharpening of our axes or saws as an integral part of the planning process.

Our vision is vital as a starting point for planning – to find our way to our cloud nine and live as happily ever after as can be. But it can’t merely be a whim or a wish. We need to be able to imagine our future lives and have a strategy in place to head towards the goals and intentions we set.

This is not easy with all the daily demands of our current lives. Most of us are constantly juggling to try and stay on top of things and manage the competing requirements from all areas of life – i.e. work, play, children and family, home, relationships, friends and finances. Then we still need to factor in ‘me time’ for recreation, hobbies, exercise and spiritual activities. It is not surprising then that planning for our future is often one of the things to fall off that never-ending ‘to-do’ list.

If we see planning as an arduous task to an unattainable future – we will always struggle with it. It’s helpful to see our plan as a direction, more than a destination. This understanding helps relieve the pressure from the process.

At WellsFaber, our team adds additional support, so you can be assured of having financial direction for both freedom and the confidence to live the life you want and achieve your goals.

The science of neuroplasticity explains the brain’s ability to adapt to its environment and control one’s reality; this renders you capable of anything to which you set your mind.

Your imagination becomes your reality if you choose to give it power. All it takes is to repeat a thought or action once a day until it manifests; only you can stand in your way. Keep pushing to put a plan in place and manifest your reality. It is within your control. This is how we take our motivations further than a mere wish and see them to fruition

If it takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan, our energy will be better invested in planning than in wishing. We will guide and advise you – to ensure that you plan to thrive.