The circulation of confidence is better than the circulation of money. James Madison

America’s 4th President knew this two hundred years ago and it still rings true. Confidence is a precursor to value. It allows us to attribute authentic meaning and value to our wealth.

The phrase ‘circulation of confidence’ is the truly interesting part. It describes the public availability and the transferrable nature of confidence. That’s why investor ratings are so important; it is a public showing of confidence by large institutions based on data and estimation.

Consumer confidence is also a key economic indicator. It measures how confident consumers are about the overall state of the economy and how confident they feel about their income stability. Even though most consumers have limited information with regards to the grander scheme of the economy and their thoughts are based on speculation, their confidence is measured and taken into account.

It is clear that how we feel about our money is just as important as how we utilize it.

Whether it is based on estimation or speculation it affects us just the same. However, it is easier to be confident when you have calculations backing you up.

The austerity of COVID has left many people feeling pessimistic, but we believe that within tragedy there is room for growth and opportunity.

Madison also said in his speech, “The great desiderata [something that is needed or wanted] are public and private confidence”. It is confidence in public institutions and in one another that is more important to a country than money.

Now more than ever we need to feel confident in ourselves, our fellow South Africans and our government.

If you are not feeling financially confident, let us know. We want to equip you with the tools that allow you to thrive – with confidence!