The word ‘independence’ is often translated into a self-sufficient state in which you don’t need anything or anyone and you don’t have to meet anything or anyone else’s needs or desires.

Put like that, doesn’t ‘independence’ sound quite… lonely?

In our quest to unpack financial freedom, we ask what freedom means, and find something rather interesting: when most people visualise any form of freedom, including financially, they usually picture themselves achieving that freedom alone:

If ‘I’ could just earn a little more…
If ‘I’ could have a few more hours in the day…
If ‘I’ could simply manage my spending a little better…

But what if our financial freedom journey definitions are wrong?

The majority of us tend toward extremes when stressed, emotional or overwhelmed. Money troubles often make us just that. It seems easier to pull in the reigns to try and run faster, harder and further. But what if we could help you find more horses, navigate whilst you drive and help you plan a more enjoyable journey?

Here at WellsFaber, we do not believe that financial freedom means being unencumbered by anything. In fact, we believe it can come with a lot of things most people wouldn’t associate with the truly rich, like meeting obligations and expectations. If there’s one thing money cannot buy, it’s meaning and meaningful relationships. Financial freedom means the ability to be able to financially commit to and invest in the things that will provide meaning, such as the ability to take unpaid leave for a month to show your kids Mexico, to have the home you and your spouse want to grow old in fully paid off, and to afford the best education for your and your family that money can buy.

We believe that money is more than the figures in your bank or investment account. It’s giving your children the education they want. It’s the relief that the bills are taken care of when your loved ones in hospital. It’s the privilege of looking forward to retirement, instead of being anxious about it. It’s more life spent with those you love and less spent lying awake alone at night, stressing about rands and cents.

We are proud that many of our most financially free clients are happily ‘encumbered’. They work in jobs they love because they choose to rather than need to and are there for every rugby game, recital and anniversary. And they never travel alone – they have the freedom to thrive.