“There is no excellence in archery without great labour.” Maurice Thompson

Life is hectic. We know this. Most of the time we can feel like a highly strung bow, close to snapping. But in the right context, this is when a bow is most effective and most powerful.

Between work, family, and all your other obligations, you may feel like you’re being pulled all over the show. When it comes to archery, the bow is an intrinsic part of the competition, but how it is controlled and used ultimately defines the winning shot – and this is all up to the archer.

A winning bowman knows how to relax when the pressure is at its greatest. If you want to thrive in life, learning to manage stress will keep you healthy, in both body and mind, as well as equip you to cope with challenges.

Visualize in your “happy place”

Many gurus will advise you to visualize your goals as it makes it easier for you to put them into action. However, when life is at its normal busy pace, it’s not easy to clear your mind and focus on what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Chilling in your happy place, a comfortable spot that allows you to calm your mind, is a great way to relax.

Keep your visualization as simple, realistic and detailed as possible. It’s an important step in relaxing your mind and taking aim for your next shot.

Journal your gratitude

Noting things you’re happy for is also important for relaxation when in pursuit of your goals.

Writing down at least three good things that happen to you each day can help you see your progress in terms of following your dreams. They don’t have to be big events, just so long as they’re things you’re grateful for.

Journaling is equally helpful when you feel stressed. Pour your thoughts into a notebook or note app. Write down the things that you are eager to change in your life or emotions that feel overwhelming. This practice will help you find solutions to many things that look like obstacles in your life because you’re taking time to think about them.

If you record your thoughts about why your business sells to one part of the market and not everyone, you may end up finding your niche. If you write down a list of frustrations, you will be able to see patterns that can help you overcome them and see opportunities that were previously clouded.

Take a deep breath

Breathing exercises are a powerful and immediate way to help you relax your mind and make you feel peaceful and calm. If you find your stress levels increasing, take stock of your breaths – they may be short and shallow.

Sit or lay down on your bed (even the floor), with your hands on your belly. Inhale to a slow count of three, and then exhale to the same slow count of three.

Deep breathing exercises can soothe the natural pain that is sometimes created by the body itself. Other benefits include improved blood flow, increased energy levels and detoxification.

Even if you don’t feel very stressed, practicing relaxation exercises daily can be a good preventative measure for keeping stress away and maintaining sharp focus.

So, relax and take aim! We advise so that you can thrive and as your partner on this journey we want to help you relax, knowing that when it comes to a comprehensive, holistic and relevant financial plan for your life – we’re covered!