We dive not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. Unknown

What is the difference between a good dive and a great dive? Usually it’s a matter of meters – not in terms of depth, but in terms of visibility. With World Ocean Day being this month we thought it would be appropriate to reflect on the deep blue sea.

Underwater visibility is measured in two ways: horizontally and vertically. The horizontal visibility allows us to see the things straight out in front of us, our underwater environment and our dive buddies. Vertical visibility allows us to navigate deeper down to explore the ocean floor or back up to the surface for a breather.

Clear waters can make the most mundane dive spots shimmer with glory. It is much like how our state of mind affects the way in which we see the world. You can be in the same place at two different times, but have vastly different experiences based on how you are feeling that day.

Besides natural visibility there are trillions of pieces of plastics in our oceans. Ruining the underwater ecosystem and the natural splendor. Clean waters remind us of how life can thrive without litter, clutter and interference.

Better clarity gives us a better overall experience. We can see our support system in our diving partners and we have more warning for any approaching danger, giving us time to plan ahead and react accordingly. It also gives us the opportunity to dive deeper. The less stress we have on our plate, the easier it is to admire the beauty around us and the further we can explore.

Fortunately, we can improve visibility by removing clutter from our lives and from our natural environments.

Decisions become more obvious when you have clarity. Financial clarity means not having to agonize over financial decisions. It is knowing that there is a detailed plan in place to remove that stress from your life. It allows us to see further and gives us time to react to any difficulties.

If your financial situation seems murky then give us a shout. We can provide you with transparency and help you dive deeper than ever before.