“The quality of your retirement depends on the choices you make today.” – Robert Kiyosaki

At WellsFaber, we believe that having a sound financial plan, built on professional and personal advice, is the key to not only surviving but thriving in your retirement years. Money is more than just numbers in your bank or investment account; it is one of the key foundations for a secure and fulfilling life. Our guiding principle is simple: we advise, you thrive.

A well-crafted financial planning journey can positively impact every aspect of your life. It ensures that you can provide your children with the education they deserve, have the means to cover unexpected medical expenses, and enjoy a retirement free from financial anxiety. With support and guidance, you can achieve your financial goals and secure a bright future for yourself and your loved ones.

While countless resources are available for financial planning, nothing can replace the value of personalised advice tailored to your unique situation. At WellsFaber, our team takes the time to understand your goals, concerns, and aspirations before embarking on a planning journey designed to help you thrive. One big topic frequently raised in financial planning conversations is retirement, or financial independence.

A recent study conducted by Harvard University, which spanned over 85 years, found that one of the most significant downsides of retirement is the loss of a sense of purpose. When individuals no longer have work to provide structure and meaning to their lives, they can feel adrift and unfulfilled. They found that retirees don’t miss working; they miss the people.

For many individuals, the workplace is where they feel most valued – by colleagues, clients, communities, and even their families, as they provide for their loved ones. Some are unexpectedly pushed into retirement due to changes at their place of work, leaving them with an excess of time and energy. But despite trying to simply keep busy with hobbies or new interests, we’ve learned that most of us genuinely enjoy being around people.

Amid financial worries and the stress of deadlines, we often overlook the importance of our work relationships until they’re no longer available.

Planning for retirement is not just about the numbers, but about the people and what we can learn from our time with them. Whilst we’re still working, we can ask ourselves a few questions: 

  • Who are my favourite colleagues or clients, and why are they important to me? Am I showing my appreciation for them?
  • What types of relationships am I currently lacking, but desire more of? How can I initiate these connections?
  • Is there someone I’d like to get to know better? What steps can I take to connect with them?
  • If I’m experiencing conflict with a coworker, how can I resolve or alleviate the issue?
  • Who among my colleagues is different from me in some way (e.g., thinks differently, has a distinct background, or possesses unique expertise)? What insights can I gain from them?

At WellsFaber, we believe that by addressing your financial needs and the emotional aspects of retirement, we can help you achieve a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Contact us today to start building a future where you can truly thrive, and retire with confidence.