“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

In a world that lionises disruptors like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, it’s easy to assume that innovation is a matter of pure creative brilliance. We’re often captivated by the end result—the iPhone, the Tesla—but we overlook the engine that powers these leaps of imagination.

The truth is, transformative ideas are usually the offspring of two very unglamorous parents: persistence and elbow grease.

Blogs abound referencing Thomas Edison’s laundry list of failures before he eventually illuminated the world with the invention of the light bulb. Why does this narrative persist?

Perhaps because it’s significantly more convenient to simply label him as a ‘genius’ and ‘innovator,’ while glossing over the years of meticulous, laborious effort he invested into each of his experiments. We should not overlook the crucial and often underappreciated element of innovation—the sheer, relentless perseverance that it takes to turn an idea into reality.

Similarly, Elon Musk, another figure widely heralded for his innovative breakthroughs, also epitomises this less-recognised but absolutely vital component of disruptive thinking—relentless perseverance. Much like Edison, Musk has faced numerous setbacks, challenges, and outright failures on his path to becoming an industry disruptor (in several industries!).

Yet, it’s their unyielding determination and capacity to endure, more than any moment of ‘eureka,’ that truly powers the engine of innovation.

Innovation isn’t always as flashy as a spaceship or as sleek as a smartphone. Often, it manifests in subtle shifts in perspective, in novel approaches to age-old problems. Imagine innovating your approach to finances—not by discovering the next Bitcoin but by finding smarter, more efficient ways to manage, invest, and stretch your money.

The spirit of innovation extends to how we handle everyday challenges, especially the ever-complex puzzle of financial management. The secret ingredient? Partnership. A dedicated advisor can bring a new lens to your financial landscape, suggesting strategies and insights you’d never think of on your own.

Thomas Edison was right when he said that genius is 99% perspiration. Likewise, everyday innovation in your personal finance or any area of life is the result of sustained effort and a good measure of expert advice.

With the right partnership, you can reshape your world, one wise financial decision at a time.

We advise, you thrive.