Seasonal change is all around us, from mother nature’s colourful markers that delineate the year’s four quarters to the festive seasons accentuated by the kaleidoscope of marketing in our stores. 

Whether man-made or man-followed, seasons are important. They help us plan for and navigate change.

WellsFaber has been around long enough to advise our clients through seasons of change – relational, generational and vocational. In a culture of instant gratification, seasons remind us that there is a time for everything, and our experience fortifies this understanding.

Thinking about your family’s long-term seasonal financial health is vital to ensuring your children’s and future generations’ success, as well as the healthy retirement of your parents and yourself.

Every family goes through seasons. It’s important to know where yours has come from, where you are and where you’re going so that you have the confidence to thrive in each season. These seasons are not clearly defined and are fairly diverse, falling inside of a wide spectrum.

For example, seasons can be generational – do you have young kids, older kids, or are you all adults. Each of those has different opportunities and chances to create beautiful and unique memories. And, each of these requires a different advice conversation to help you thrive and find your wealthspace.

Seasons can also be defined by bigger purchases or savings goals. If it’s the time in your family’s journey to buy your first property or save for an expensive event (holiday or wedding, for example), our conversations will be unique to this season.

Seasons will always overlap, which adds complexity to the conversations, but you can thrive in every family season if you have the right advice. This will involve sharing sound financial values and principles with your children and encouraging them to pass them on to the next generation.

If you want to preserve wealth for your family for years to come, you need an advisor with the same mindset. WellsFaber has been advising clients and their families across generations since 1987. To us, these relationships – built across the different seasons of family, business growth and market conditions – are the strongest endorsement of the trust we treasure with our clients.

Our wealth managers have between ten and thirty years of experience. We are all professionals who stay current with the latest industry insights and developments. But above all, we are passionate about providing personalised financial advice and helping our clients thrive.