“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” – Gloria Steinem

Preparing and planning should be as much a creative exercise as much as it is considered to be a calculative exercise. If we allow our planning process to be purely a numbers game, we will struggle to become fully engaged, and fully invested, in our financial plan.

As our days continue to fill up with distractions, competition and the general demands of life, it can be hard to have a ‘creative moment’ when we have committed to work on our plans. Often, our best ideas come to us late at night, as we’re trying to calm our brains and fall asleep.

Always have a notebook and pencil next to your bed – as the creative ideas come to you, just before bed – jot them down so that you can include them in your planning meetings.

Writing by hand can take us to unknown places that we’d least expect. It can be magic in itself. This is evident in looking at the works of countless famous authors who chose to ditch their computer or typewriter in favour of writing by hand to unleash their imaginations and see what creations arose.

In other words, the mere act of writing by hand activates the hand-heart connection and inspires creativity that is not easily accessible otherwise. The science behind it is that it increases neural activity in specific brain parts, similarly to meditation. Also, that the brain is more stimulated when you write by hand and your creative juices flow more strongly.

In the words of Robert Stone, a National Book Award-winner, “The pen compels lucidity.” And lucidity, I believe, offers a different and often clearer perspective of dreams, goals, challenges and life in general.

Letting go of the belief that our dreams have no bearing on our waking lives is not always easy as we’re taught to believe this from a young age. However, through journaling, we can write our dreams into reality. In addition, journaling has positive effects on the brain and there is a two way relationship between a positive mindset (strengthened through journaling) and success.

A daily meditation and journaling practice right before bed is the perfect way to start. By writing things down your intentions and desires can be manifested.

Your subconscious mind is more open to receiving new information during sleep so you are likely to be more receptive when you’re asleep than when you’re awake. Conversely, your conscious mind can readily discard this information too quickly, especially if it seems to lack importance or doesn’t catch your attention immediately.

Dare to dream about possibilities beyond your comfort zone to escape inaction and increase focus on what is truly important to you. Your choices may free you to manage changes to a better position now as well as improved outcomes over time. This in turn can lead to both positive personal and financial growth.

Let us at WellsFaber guide you through the process of realising your dreams; the possibilities are endless.

We advise. You thrive.