“The way we see the problem is the problem.” Steven Covey

Financial planning can be a lot like rock climbing. When it comes to our finances we don’t want to resign ourselves to merely clinging on to one position for dear life. We want to boost ourselves up to a higher vantage point in order to summit our aspirations.

Climbing can be a very personal pilgrimage, it’s you versus the mountain, but climbers hardly ever venture out alone. A critical aspect of climbing is the belayer. They are the person on the ground controlling the safety rope for the climber. They provide tautness and slack as necessary and they can even tug on the rope to give the climber a boost.

Most importantly, however, they can see the line that the climber is taking to the top. They have the advantage of perspective and can make callouts alerting the climber to handholds and footholds that they may not be able to see for themselves because they are too close to the rockface.

In this case we are here to serve as your financial belayer. We hold the safety line and guide you on your way to the top by providing perspective. But, instead of having one person monitoring your ascent, you have a full team of professionals backing you up with decades of financial knowledge and experience.

Climbing also requires that you have absolute trust in your gear. It’s an unavoidable risk assessment that runs through your mind. You need to know that your harness is well-fitted and your ropes are in good shape or you will spend the whole climb expecting the worst.

Similarly, when it comes to trusting a financial plan we need to know that we have the necessary ‘financial equipment’ and investments that are well-fitted to us. It helps to put our mind at ease so we can focus on the important tasks ahead. That is why, at WellsFaber, we provide an array of financial tools and solutions from multiple product providers. It allows us to customize financial solutions that are perfectly fitted to your lifestyle.

If you are searching for a financial perspective that is independent, informed and multivariate – then you’re in good company!