Convenience saves time, as well as money in the long term (often by saving time) and helps with quality of life in terms of ease and stress reduction. But there’s benefit we haven’t yet credited convenience for: it’s ability to allow us better relationships with the ones we love.

When sliced bread first came out, it was a revolution, hence the saying ‘the greatest thing since…’

According to Wikipedia, it was first sold in 1928 and advertised as “the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped”.

This was huge because bread was (and is) such a large part of so many cultures – the French even call it ‘the staff of life’. It also forms an integral part of our social lives – breaking bread together – and religious ceremonies.

When sliced bread hit the shelves, eating bread became easier than ever before, so people started eating it more often. And the loved ones got the benefit – more picnics outdoors for the family, more thoughtfully prepared sandwiches for packed lunches, more casual get-togethers with friends instead of only stiffly formal occasions less regularly.

Convenience with financial advice is the same – the less painful and complex it is, the more often we can do it. Increased financial awareness means making your money count. We can channel our wealth into things that really matter, and have meaning to us.

When you plan financially, you ‘slice’ your money so that there’s more than enough for you, for your family and even for those in need. Nothing has to go hungry – not your future or your present. At WellsFaber we can help you slice your wealth to fit exactly what you want for yourself and others, from saving for retirement to rainy day savings, to being able to do that holiday in Mexico. Better still, it probably costs a good deal less than your monthly grocery bill.

Convenience to thrive; doesn’t that sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread?