“We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.” – Walt Disney

With a robust wealth strategy, you will see your money grow and become an asset that will allow you to achieve more over time. It’s easy to look at the people that the world holds up as successful and see the people they have become today and ignore where they started.

Walt Disney is a great example and is the epitome of the concept of living one’s dream. He imagined something he wanted to create and pursued his vision, persevering despite the many obstacles in his way. 

“If you can dream it, you can do it,” he believed. He never failed to trust in his remarkable ability to make things happen and turn dreams into reality. 

But – he also never failed to remember why he was creating an income stream. Making money is not a worthy endeavour (remember the wisdom from last week’s blog with Jim Carrey?), but remaining focussed on what our wealth can help us achieve keeps us connected to our goals, dreams and legacy.

Inside of our financial planning journey, which is deeply rooted in our life journey, we will go through stages of growth. Each stage presents its own challenges, and we will need to have different strategies for each stage. In the early stages, it’s about generating assets that can help us create more income, whilst the later stages become more focused on managing the assets and retaining the income (especially when we work with generational wealth).

These complexities make it very easy to become solely focused on the capital, the investments and the assets and lose sight of why we made (or inherited) the money in the first place. At WellsFaber, one of our goals is to help you manage these financial planning strategies in a constructive and supportive way. This is about augmenting the value and not shifting focus.

You might be looking to invest in a money-market account, ETFs, tech-startups, fine art, horses or limited edition watches. Each of these strategies appeals to different types of investors and require different provisors and carry unique risk. What makes them fundamentally helpful to you is how they fit in with why you are making money in the first place.

When your investment strategy is inherently merged with your life plan, you can protect yourself from being distracted by the money and keep your eyes on what your money can help you achieve.