Risk Planning

Protect your personal wealth and your business from the impact of unexpected events

There are some things in life that you can control, like getting fit by choosing to exercise. There are also some things you can’t control or predict, such as accidents and unexpected ill health. Risk planning is about making the most of what you can control to manage the impact of the things you can’t control.

If you have sufficient plans in place, you don’t have to be anxious about the things that are outside your control.

We believe risk planning is an important part of sound financial planning

If you don’t protect yourself, your family and your business against the risk of unexpected events that can have a significant financial impact, they can interfere with your financial plan and your ability to meet your goals. For example, the benefits of saving diligently for retirement from an early age can be wiped out if you’re in an accident and are unable to work, but didn’t have any plans in place to replace your income. You may therefore end up having to use your retirement savings to cover everyday living costs.

Risk planning therefore forms an integral part of our advice process, and can help ensure that:

  • You and your family can meet your essential needs if something happens to you
  • For individuals, we help you put plans in place that will enable you and/or your family to take care of your basic financial needs if you should pass away or are unable to work because of disability, injury or a critical illness. Although we cannot take away the terrible effects of these events, we can provide peace of mind that you have a plan in place to meet essential needs.
  • Your business has a life beyond you
  • For business owners, we help ensure you have the necessary insurance in place to cover any costs, loss of profit or personal surety in case something happens to you that affects the business’s normal operations. This means you can have peace of mind about the long-term sustainability of your business. If you should pass away, we can also help manage the continuity of your business in a way that suits both your business partners and your family.

Have peace of mind about what to expect if things go wrong

  • Our risk planning advice is based on your specific circumstances and financial needs, supported by a rigorous process that enables us to accurately calculate the impact of different scenarios and solutions.
  • You (as well as your family or business partners/employees) will therefore know what to expect if things go wrong, and can be confident that our recommendations are appropriate and sufficient.

Incorporate your risk planning into your estate planning, for your family’s benefit

  • You will have certainty about the time when you are no longer around, and your loved ones will have the benefit of long-term insurance to cover some of the costs of winding up your estate.
  • Your family will be able to maintain their lifestyle, and won’t be forced to sell assets like the family home to pay for estate-related expenses.

Know you have access to the best solutions because our advice is unbiased

  • As an independent wealth manager, we are not incentivised to recommend one solution over another. This means you will have the best solutions for your needs because our recommendations are unbiased.


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