Who We Are

We provide personal, independent advice to

help our global clients thrive

At WellsFaber, we see ourselves as your financial partner. By building a personal, long-term relationship with you, we provide expert advice and ongoing support. This includes all the aspects of personal and business financial planning: investing to grow your money, planning for retirement, protecting your personal wealth or business against unexpected events, and setting up your estate to provide for your loved ones when you pass away. We are also well-versed in providing our international clients with the insights, experience and expertise to make your dreams a reality.

The goal of all our interactions with you and the recommendations we make, is to give you the confidence to achieve your goals and the peace of mind that accompanies having a plan in place to manage change and life’s uncertainties.


Our wealth managers provide advice to:

  • Individuals and families from all walks of life, regardless of where they or their money are located, including young adults, and those approaching retirement or who are already retired.
  • Business owners

We have been advising clients and their families across generations and across the globe since 1987

To us, these relationships – built across the different seasons of family, business growth, geographic boundaries and market conditions – are the strongest endorsement of the trust we treasure with our clients.

Our wealth managers have between ten and thirty years’ experience. We are all professionals who stay current with the latest industry insights and developments. But above all, we are passionate about providing personalised financial advice and helping our clients, regardless of their aspirations or circumstances.


Our shareholders include asset manager RECM Group. While their association with WellsFaber contributes to the high standards of governance, transparency and advisory ethics that we uphold, we retain our independence when it comes to the solutions we offer our clients.


RECM Group’s representation on the WellsFaber board also adds to the depth of our financial, professional and business acumen, which in turn deepens our thinking and strengthens our business.


    We advise. You thrive.