WHY WellsFaber

Why choose us as your global financial partner?

Our commitment

We understand and respect that you have a unique personality, family, background, perspective about life and money, and dreams and fears. This means that the same goal, such as saving for a comfortable retirement, will mean a different thing for you than for the next person, and will involve a different journey.

That is why we don’t follow a standard, one-size-fits-all approach, but listen to what’s important to you. Only then do we provide advice to meet your aspirations.

How you benefit
  • Your WellsFaber wealth manager knows your unique circumstances and considers this context in all your conversations and interactions, and every recommendation.
  • You can be confident that your financial plan is the best possible plan for you.
Our commitment

We are an independent wealth manager and are not incentivised to recommend one solution over another. In other words, we do not receive fees or commission based on which financial products we sell. This means our recommendations are not influenced by financial reward in any way.

We have the freedom to focus solely on your best interests by selecting the best possible solutions in the market for you, according to your specific goals and risk profile

How you benefit
  • The advice you receive is not skewed by incentives, but focused on helping you meet your specific goals.
  • You have the optimal solutions for your needs, maximising the chances of reaching your goals.
Our commitment

We have extremely high standards when it comes to assessing and selecting solutions to recommend to our clients. We only recommend best-of-breed solutions that meet our stringent due diligence criteria and that we would invest in ourselves.

In addition, we continuously monitor your investment solutions to ensure they deliver on their objectives, taking into consideration the macroeconomic and market conditions.

How you benefit
  • The products in which you are invested are some of the best in the market and suited to your needs, enabling you to optimise your returns.
  • You have peace of mind that you will remain invested appropriately for your needs because we continuously monitor your investments.
Our commitment

We are transparent about our fees and any other costs related to your investments. We provide fee-based advice, which means you pay us a flat fee for managing your wealth based on how much you have invested through us – we do not receive fees or commission from any providers for recommending specific products.

When you partner with us for your wealth management needs, we disclose all fees and explain all the relevant investment processes and opportunities to you in detail.

How you benefit
  • You know exactly how much you are paying towards fees and what the fees are for.
  • You have peace of mind that our recommendations are not skewed by incentives in any way. Because we disclose all fees you can be confident that we don’t receive fees or commission for recommending certain financial products, but focus only on what’s in your best interest.
Our commitment

We provide advice on all aspects of personal and business financial planning to help you thrive: investing to grow your money, planning for retirement, protecting your personal wealth or business against the impact of unexpected events, and setting up your estate to provide for your family and loved ones when you pass away.

Apart from the convenience of having one central contact point for all your needs, this also means we are in the best position to identify any gaps in your financial plan, and to ensure every aspect of your plan is supported.

How you benefit
  • You can talk to us about any money-related questions or concerns. Your personal wealth manager can help you with any aspect of your finances.
  • You don’t have to deal with the administrative hassle of working with multiple providers.
  • You have peace of mind that your plan covers every aspect of your finances.
  • It’s easy to stay on track with your overall financial position, because you can view all your investments in a single snapshot on your consolidated investment report.
Our commitment

We don’t take the task of providing financial advice lightly. We understand that it’s a significant responsibility to be entrusted with someone else’s financial wellbeing and life goals. That is why respect, transparency and integrity are central to our relationship with you. We listen actively, and always keep our commitments.  

This means we are personally invested in your success – we measure our success against your level of financial wellbeing and invest your money as we would our own.

How you benefit
  • You have peace of mind that your WellsFaber wealth manager cares about your financial outcomes. All our advice is underpinned by a passion for and a personal commitment to helping you succeed.
  • You can trust your wealth manager to always act in your best interests – and to always be honest and transparent.
  • Your wealth manager will explain everything you need to know in clear, easy-to-understand terms to give you peace of mind.


    We advise. You thrive.