At WellsFaber we strive to create a culture where we sincerely care about how we treat each other and our clients. To build on this, it only makes sense that we extend this care to people in need.

The dedicated staff at Beautiful Gate have expressed a need for volunteer work. Beautiful Gate provides care and support to vulnerable children and families. They are involved in amazing projects such as a child and adolescent HIV clinic, an orphan and vulnerable children programme that facilitates and supports children that have been left without a family and a youth resource centre that provides training and support to youth entering the job market. For more information on their work, visit

On Friday the 15th Sep’17 we visited the Zanemfundo Primary School in Philippi together with Beautiful Gate South Africa. We had a great day, which was spent painting two of their classrooms that was in dire need of a lick of paint. Beautiful Gate aims to bring hope to children and families through caring for and protecting children, empowering and preserving families and mobilising the community. They really need all the support that they can get and any help from the community and companies alike to make their impact on society even bigger.