Yoga is not for the flexible, it’s for the willing. Unknown

Yoga can seem like a whole lot of nothing doing, but that couldn’t be further from reality. It is grounded with intention, challenging both the mind and the body, and many would describe it as a spiritual experience too.

While practicing yoga, practitioners seek to transform positively towards a healthier version of themselves.

When it comes to our finances and investment practices, it is equally important to have intent, whether it is for a comfortable retirement, financial security or paying for your children’s tuition.

The practice of yoga takes a lifetime to master. But all it requires is that you are willing to learn – the flexibility follows. Both the yogi and the investor are fully committed to a goal. And they are aware that the path to their goal might not be as straightforward as they would have hoped.

Breathe in. Breathe out.
In the doctrine of yoga the belief is that once the breath becomes erratic, so does the mind. When the breath is calm, the mind becomes clear. Market fluctuations can cause panic and greed to set in. A calm mind should precede any action. If you find your breath becoming short and unsteady, actively work on trying to breathe deeper and a little more measured.

Ease into position
A yogi settles into an uncomfortable position by breathing through it while observing the body. You must learn to be at peace with the outcome, without straining yourself into position. It is important to consider risk and foresee both the favorable and unfavorable outcomes – but things can change along the way. The discomfort will pass and we will become both stronger and more flexible because of it.

Going with the flow
Everyone will experience an asana (position or pose) slightly differently to the next person. No one stretches to the same point, or feels the same way. The markets too are impossible to predict or control and none of us experience the ups and downs in the same way.

Don’t let the expectations of others or the frustrations of your own ego cloud your mind. Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself. The mindful investor does not let emotions derail their financial plan.

Due to the chaotic nature of the financial market (and the entire universe!) it is important to be equipped with the right options. And to have access to unbiased advice.

If you are struggling to discover your financial zen you won’t have to make a pilgrimage to find a wise old swami. We are here to help and equip you to find a thriving balance.