“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”
– Robert A. Heinlein”

The love you have for your family is what makes you want a better life for them. You think about their happiness and work to create a better future for them on a daily basis. This is one way in which we show and experience love.

Essentially, this is what relationships are about; showing love for those around you and being invested in their happiness. Acknowledging that their happiness is essential to your own.

There is great comfort in knowing that the people you care about have a certain security in their future, and that you can have a positive influence in that.

Your financial plan and portfolio (which we regard as your life plan), should not only be crafted with you in mind, it should consider and provide for your family too. This is why it’s not just about numbers and graphs – an engaging financial plan has to include people, purpose, meaning and relationships that are unique to you.

This is a powerful journey of awareness in the wealth space that reminds us of how happiness isn’t just about what we want but it has to begin to consider what the people we love want too.

Including their happiness is a positive goal, and it expands our purpose. When we talk about defining and articulate meaning for our money, this is exactly what it starts to look like.

It makes sense then for your investment portfolios to be centred around a bigger picture. Your legacy becomes apparent when you create a space for others to thrive from what you have created, and set a sturdy platform for them to achieve their goals.

Whilst an expanding life is ultimately about our relationships, it’s not only about the future – it’s also about the present. Creating a joyful world for those we love gives us joy, for sure, but we don’t have to wait, living in the wealth space means that we can thrive today too, not just in the future.

Let us help you incorporate goals that are bigger than just yourself and will extend into future generations; let us help you thrive in relationships that make you happy!