“In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

We live in an age where freedom is considered one of our greatest, basic human rights. Freedom comes in many forms, but as Franklin Roosevelt said, it’s something we need to achieve for ourselves, it is not something that we can be given.

This is shown in our choices – which means that whilst we can claim the freedom to choose, we are never free from our choices. The double edged-sword of this freedom means that whilst we can gain control over our lives and the choices we make, we are also responsible for those choices.

Making better choices begins with understanding that we can only make the best choices with the knowledge or information that we have at the time of making that decision. If we look back at decisions that we’ve made in the past, we may feel like we made some clear errors, but we must remember that we were hopefully making the best decisions with the information available. If we’ve grown and moved forward in life, we should find ourselves wanting to make different choices down the line – this is a sign of positive growth.

Obviously, if we didn’t make a good decision, and the information was available, then we can hold ourselves accountable for those bad choices. Having a mentor or adviser in life, someone to give us wise counsel from their personal experience, is a powerful aid to avoid repeating mistakes of the past and identifying the better decisions from the not-so-good decisions.

Acting on those decisions, making a choice that allows us to achieve our freedoms, that often requires a little more than knowledge and mentorship – it requires partnership.

When faced with many choices, and someone to point us in the right direction, we might still need someone to walk alongside us and keep us motivated and un-deterred from distractions and spur us to action.

The desire to make a decision, and acting out that choice are two separate steps. We can have all the good intentions we want, but if we don’t change our behaviour and bring our choices to life, we will never enjoy the freedom to choose.

Our goal is to help you achieve your freedom.