The way we spend our time and the way we spend our money says what’s really important to us. Rick Warren

It’s really easy to spot the errors in other people – too easy in fact! However, when it comes to our own blindspots, it’s not as easy to spot the errors in our thinking. Holding up the mirror and reflecting on the choices we’ve made can be difficult and scary – which is why it’s always good to have someone you trust helping you along the journey.

One of the liberties we enjoy in the 21st century is that of freedom of expression. It’s a wonderful freedom, it’s empowering – but with great power, as we know… comes great responsibility.

Whilst we can express ourselves as we wish, we also need to stand by how we express ourselves and take responsibility for those choices. This is where it becomes complicated. Expression is not only about what we say on social media, or write in an open letter to our local ward councillor.

How we spend our time and our money is also an expression of what we value – or don’t value!

If you’ve ever served on a committee, or been responsible for a department or project budget, you will know what it feels like when you submit a request for funding and it’s denied. Being denied funding makes your work feel a little less important than those whose funding was approved.

When team members don’t rock up to work, or always leave early, it expresses to others that they’re less invested and less interested in what we’re all working towards.

The same too applies to our families and other areas of our lives.

How are you spending your time and does it reflect what you feel is valuable? The same goes for your money – how are you spending your money? Would you like to make changes?

Our goal is to help you enjoy your freedom of expression in a way that reflects the people and endeavours that you value most. We advise; you thrive.