“Life is beautiful. It’s about giving. It’s about family.” – Walt Disney

Family life is never easy. For us to enjoy our family and be fulfilled in these relationships it’s important to encourage healthy conversations. None of us enter the world without a family – whether it’s a family formed through biology or a family formed through the people we choose.

Healthy conversations are born and sustained in an incubator of acknowledgement, appreciation and trust. This helps us cultivate positive feelings, learn from one another and enjoy the strength and support of family – this is key to having a happy family life.

Conversations that shape your family’s attitude about life are important to learning to thrive together. Regular communication is fundamental to setting team (your family is your team!) goals and aligning daily tasks, expenses and activities.

This is easier to achieve with simple activities like having dinner together as a family or making space in your weeks to speak about what’s going on in your lives. Talk together with the aim of strengthening relationships, focussing on things that everyone takes an interest in.

Creating financial success for your family goes beyond just talking about what needs to happen; it includes the daily follow-through; practicing good habits.

As you live and practice what you’ve been talking about, the conversations will become easier and more rewarding because everyone will experience the tangible benefit of talking and sharing together. This is great for everyone’s self-esteem!

For example, when planning the next family outing, decide together on the destination and the activities so that everyone will be excited for it.

In developing these habits you will help your children and other family members take charge of their lives and contribute more to your family as a whole.

Working together to create a happy family takes intention and hard work. Personal and family goals don’t have to be separate conversation topics – they can all happen in the same safe space. Helping you thrive in every area of your life is core to our understanding of living in the wealth space; at Wellsfaber we advise so that you can thrive!