“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro

In a world where water is an intrinsically valuable resource, it’s a great analogy for the value of teamwork and community. Whether you’re a leader or a team-player, great intentions make very little impact when they aren’t turned into great conversations.

Part being a supportive team member (or leader) requires us to encourage our colleagues to talk about our ideas openly; whether they’re vision focussed, goal oriented or simply ideas to improve the experience of working together.

It’s in these conversations that new ideas can be articulated and recognised, and people can propel their learning and skills.

Keep in mind that conversations of success don’t always have to be about outstanding or accomplished work. They can also be about the experience and deeper emotional connection of working as a team.

Work is part of life and the more we can include our lives, our aspirations and our unique talents, the easier it will be to create and maintain a good work-life balance.

As with the ocean, the tides move and work together in the greater ebb and flow of life in the sea – creating and keeping balance. As your team moves through different seasons and different projects, having conversations about what you wish to achieve is important in developing a shared vision.

This vision forms the bedrock of a thriving team environment because it helps set expectations, shaping the team dynamics and enhancing the team culture. In team conversations you need to clarify the vision with easily identifiable expectations and purpose.

All of this is a powerful part of your engagement strategy – which comes full circle to make it easier to share ideas as a team.

A robust engagement strategy serves to strengthen the connection and conversations between all members of your team. This environment is one where people feel that they can contribute and will be listened to; where they can hear others and be heard themselves. This actively shows that everyone cares about the well-being of the team.

Thriving as a team is about so much more than simply showing up and doing the work, it’s about growing into something bigger than ourselves and acknowledging that individually, we are one drop, but together, we are an ocean!