Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence. Vince Lombardi

Our lives consist of many overlapping social circles that we are constantly affecting, and, by which we are being affected in return. With lockdown driving us stir-crazy how are you maintaining good morale among your circles?

One of the overarching feelings that mass isolation is producing is a feeling of helplessness. It is paradoxical in nature how we feel we must do something to combat COVID and yet sitting at home doing nothing IS the something which we must be doing.

As lockdown restrictions and terms keep changing, there is a constant uncertainty preying on everyone’s mind. We may be physically isolated from our social circles, but luckily we are still able to communicate with them. Now more than ever we need a showing of confidence and support.

Vince Lombardi is considered one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time, he knows the significance of having a confident team. He speaks to the transferable nature of our attitude, whether positive or negative, within our circles.

You can’t help but feel good inside when a friend gets a new job, your team scores a goal or a colleague smashes a presentation out of the park. It’s that feeling of empathy that is so powerful and reciprocal.

Being restricted to our homes can leave us feeling restless and irritable, but with the support of confident teams we can get through this endeavour with productivity and calm. Being part of a team allows us to channel our potential – driven by a sense of social responsibility.

Building team confidence isn’t necessarily about your own responsibility. Letting someone help you complete a task can do so much more. Delegating tasks makes people feel useful. Even if you could complete the task yourself, by allowing others to help it shows that you trust them.

All good teams are built on trust. Your family, your friends and your work colleagues. With the current atmosphere of uncertainty it is a good time to reach out and show that you care, but more importantly it is a time to show that you trust.

So let your children help bake the sourdough bread, call your friends and ask for book recommendations and let your colleagues know if they can help with anything. It shows trust; it builds trust.

Let’s thrive together as a team.