Success isn’t something that simply lands in our laps. When we look at successful people, we only see their most recent achievements, not the backstory. What we’re actually seeing, is someone who was willing to do what it took to be the best that they could be. Most successful people don’t follow a seven-point plan or even think that they will be perceived by others as successful.

Success requires focus, hard work and persistence.

But none of these are productive without a plan; a strategic plan that will lead to a reality that you believe in and is in line with your definition of success.

If you want to thrive, then you need to plan to thrive. Success is not a random event that occurs by chance. Working with a coach or adviser, and committing to your plan; you can truly thrive!

1. A plan begins with focus

An eagle, with its sharp vision, maintains sharp focus when hunting, holding fast to accurate perception as it approaches its meal. The focus is held until it makes the catch. If it is distracted, the prey will most likely escape unscathed.

This doesn’t mean to succeed you need eagle vision, which is about five times better than our vision, rather, you need focus. Focus is like using a magnifying glass for wood burning art; the sun’s energy alone is too diluted, but bringing it into focus to create a bigger picture requires consistent focus. Hard work and tenacity will be of little use if there is no focus.

Every action you take needs to be goal-focused.

2. Success needs hard work

Maintained discipline and hard work are crucial. Driving your plan to success requires a lot of effort. Think of Eliud Kipchoge, the Kenyan long distance runner who currently holds the world marathon record. Hard work led him to be now known as the “greatest marathoner of the modern era”.

Hard work is an essential part of success. If Kipchoge had decided to stop training or keep doing the same thing everyone else had done, he wouldn’t have broken the world record. He had to push himself harder than he’s ever done before. He didn’t idle into the top spot, he pushed hard until he achieved it.

However, hard work is also about doing the right work. There is a strategic element to hard work needed for you to thrive.

Eliud didn’t just run until he couldn’t anymore in his preparation for every marathon he raced. He trained how to preserve his energy, how to run uphill as well as how best to tackle a downhill section.

When you work hard towards your financial and life goals you should know how to react to the challenges that come up. Work hard, but also work smart. Putting in hours and hours will only pay off if they’re correctly focussed.

3. Be willing to persist

Anything worth having is going to require that you persist long enough to obtain it. Persistence is how you follow through and continue until you obtain your goals, especially when challenges surmount. Persistence is an important seasoning in the recipe of success.

You need to have the determination to hang on. Anyone who has accomplished anything worthwhile will tell you that they held on until the end. Otherwise they would have fallen short of achieving their goals and will only talk about what could have happened had they persisted.

At Wellsfaber, we recognise that if you are to thrive, we have to help you plan to thrive. That’s how we can enter the wealth space and share our success with our loved ones, building a legacy that will be lasting and empowering to others.