There is a common misnomer in finance and in life: if I want good stuff, easily accessible to me at all times, I’ll need to pay exorbitant amounts of money for it.

To this, we ask the question: ‘well, what would make you feel rich?’ Often it’s the experience of having exactly what you want at your fingertips, whenever you want.

Enter… the Lazy Susan.

Anyone born after the 80’s likely doesn’t know what a Lazy Susan is, which is a shame because they deserve a place in history for the convenience they represent. The Lazy Susan is a rotating circular stand you put on your table, then place sauces, dishes, plates – whatever you need, really – on it for easy reaching. Before the Lazy Susan came along, people assumed that you would have to either go up and down to the kitchen yourself (inconvenient) or, to keep things convenient for you, pay large sums for hired help to bring you things or relying on the goodwill of your family to ‘please pass the salt.’

Now doesn’t that sound familiar?

Most people think that, in order to manage their money, they need to either keep track of everything all by themselves (exhausting, inconvenient) or pay exorbitant sums to have a personal financial advisor to manage it for you, or simply rely on the goodwill of your family when you need them financially, like when you retire.

In actual fact, there’s a fourth option – ‘Lazy Susan’ your finances with the help of an independent advisor. At WellsFaber, our team of financial advisers and our independence to product providers gives you the convenience of having all you need, when you need it. And – more than a Lazy Susan, we will help you choose the best items to nourish your portfolio, keep tabs on it so that you don’t have to and make it easily accessible so that you have all the info, all the resources and all the financial benefits.

It’s about a bespoke financial ‘diet’ catering to your exact needs, within easy reach, at all times, plus personalised service. All for a fraction of the time, money and frustration it would take for you to do it yourself.

Now, to us that doesn’t sound lazy. That just sounds smart.