No one knows how long they have in this life and, though it can be uncomfortable to think about, death is 100% guaranteed. Do you have life insurance?

Taking out life insurance is not only an act of pragmatism, it’s an act of love. In a world where everyone is consumed with thoughts of themselves, the person who takes out life insurance has asked themselves: ‘What do those around me need? What will help them if I am gone?’

Life insurance is usually the best answer.

Reasons someone would need life insurance:

If you have any debts – A good life insurance policy will pay off outstanding debts so that your loved ones aren’t saddled with the burden of having to pay debts like home loans, nor would they have to forfeit something like a house or car as surety if you died and couldn’t settle debts.

If you have a spouse and/or children – Your wife or husband relies on your income for the two of you to afford the life you have together. Without your income, they would have to leave the life they love – your home, their standard of living, all while dealing with the trauma of losing you. This goes even more so for children, who cannot support themselves and who wouldn’t have your family home in their names. The good thing about life insurance is that you are able to nominate whatever beneficiaries you want, so even if your child is 25 or is a stepchild and not biological, they can still be supported financially in this hard time.

If you would like a funeral – There are funeral insurance policies out there, but a good life insurance product will deal with the cost of the funeral and ensure your loved ones are taken care of after the well-wishers have gone.

If you have a new or growing business – A small or expanding business is a fragile thing financially, and if you were to pass away, you wouldn’t want it to die with you. Business partners or other stakeholders can take out life insurance policies on one another so that if you were to pass away or they were, the company could stay afloat.

Unexpected positives from life insurance

A good life insurance policy will also cover other insurance needs, like critical illness, disability and income protection. In short, anything that would affect you or your family’s ability to have the lifestyle you currently have on the income you have. If you were to be retrenched, physically be unable to work due to an injury or accident, pass away, suffer a stroke, become very ill with cancer or a degenerative disease like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s… all of these would be covered by a top quality, comprehensive life insurance product.

And if you were to pass away, there is new life for others. The payout from a life insurance policy will never bring you back, but it could give your spouse the ability to take that art class they’ve always wanted to or travel, giving light and hope in a dark time. It will ease the worry of ‘what will happen to us?’ for your grieving family and give them proof that you were thinking about them.

Perhaps that is ‘life’ in life insurance – the promise to you that life will go on, even new life, for whatever you hold dear. Your family, your business, your home and those you most love will keep going strong even after you’re gone.

Do you really need Life Cover? Well… if you want the security to thrive, then we believe you do.