One of the biggest leaps in technology making our lives more convenient has been the evolution of the smartphone. It’s one of this century’s most convenient contraptions is used by over 5 billion people, and is probably in your hand (or your pocket) right now.

When Steve Jobs came on stage holding a funny-looking device 12 short years ago, everyone in the world lost their minds. We already had the Blackberry, and an inkling of what this meant – no more Filofax, watch, calendar, rolodex and map book just to do life, it’s all right here. What’s more, it’s so much smaller than carrying your calendar, portfolio and address book with you. You can do life wherever you are.

What has this got to do with managing your money? Everything.

It’s all about convergence

We all know that a good portfolio is a diversified one, but this can lead to other headaches. Keeping track of your shares, your RA, the value of that property you bought five years ago, your unit trusts… it’s a full-time job knowing exactly what is happening with your money, and one we often don’t have time for. Not to mention the fact that many of us don’t have enough market experience to relate how that five-year-old property purchase is doing realistically compared with the market or what the cyclical movements of the All Share Index are.

At WellsFaber, we create the convenience of having all the information you need, in context, at your fingertips, along with helpful advice backed by years of experience.

It’s all about portability

When you want to check the more day to day things, such as various account balances and trading on the stock exchange or on Forex, technology is a boon. Financial tools these days mean that you can have everything on your smartphone, a mere click away. Just like the iPhone invented a new way of doing things on the go, it’s now possible to trade, invest in the stock exchange, check your balances and assets… all wherever you are. No more sitting in bank queues, waiting for the daily newspaper or heading to fund manager presentations – you can go to your daughter’s ballet recital and do those things without having to choose.

It’s all about intuitive design

Did you know that the smartphone was not invented by Apple, but by IBM 15 years before Steve Jobs stood on that stage? The Simon phone by IBM was the first real smartphone more than a decade earlier, and in the 90s already Japan had a fairly widespread use of their own smartphones by business executives. So why do we instantly think of Jobs holding up that first iPhone in his black turtleneck?

The iPhone had an unbeatable intuitive design in slick white that made everyone who had told ‘Crackberry’ jokes up until now desperately want a smartphone. Before this, a smartphone was a tool for business and was all the things associated with the Filofaxes and rolodexes people had already – bulky, utilitarian, dull. Clearly, design does matter.

Luckily, financial services offerings are on the same page as Jobs, with things like claiming from your insurer being easy and near instant. At WellsFaber, we design our advice to be independent and intuitive, and use our knowledge to recommend only the best, most convenient products that will fit in with your already busy lifestyle.

Ultimately, it’s not only hard work or talent that makes us thrive, or even the financial means… It’s also about having everything you need at the ready, when you need it, easily accessible so it’s one less thing to worry about. That’s what we want to give you here at WellsFaber – the convenience to thrive.