One of the most important holidays of the year is one many of us seldom give thought to – Youth Day. More than forty years ago, a group of high schoolers stood up for a people and shook a nation that shook the world.

Few of us now could imagine the quantum shift required for those Naledi high schoolers to get to that 16 June. After being told that you are less than equal for your entire life, your parents’ lives, your grandparents’ lives, then turning around and standing up for your and everyone else’s dignity…

It is that which we celebrate in Youth Day – the freedom, of mind, to choose.

Here are three financial freedoms to think about this Youth Day.

Freedom to know

It’s no accident that the Soweto Uprising protests began at a school. Education is vital to expanding your horizons and changing the paradigms that other people gave you. Take advantage of the freedoms and access to well-regulated financial advice we have nowadays to invest on your own financial education. At WellsFaber we strongly support the notion that education is the only investment that pays out innumerable returns.

Freedom to speak

We also strongly encourage our clients, along their financial education journey, to speak up when they come across something they don’t understand. Use your freedom and speak openly with our team and further your understanding of all the moving parts of money management and financial planning. After all, you only have true mastery over something you fully understand.

Freedom to choose

In 1976, there were a lot less choices for everyone. Now, you can have exactly the portfolio you want and will best serve your needs. This is why transparent, honest and independent financial advice is so important – to help you know what is best for you and give you access to it so you can plan the financial future of your dreams.

Remember the passion of your youth and be empowered with your current freedoms. And let us all remember the courageous people who made it all possible, all those years ago.