“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell

It seems that, these days, everyone wants to be rich because for many it is a measure of success. In a world obsessed with buying things, it’s easy to become caught up in a cycle that equates the concept of rich with the achievement of success.

But it’s not the only measure, however prominent it may be.

It’s also refreshing to be reminded that being rich and being wealthy are two very different concepts.

As the Notorious B.I.G. once said: “more money, more problems.” If we are able to reframe our perception of success into the broader view of wealth we are then able to prepare our thinking, our strategies and our actions. This takes time and our focus moves from being rich to being wealthy – and even this is contextualised within the framework of our own priorities.

At Wellsfaber we love taking this journey with our clients, creating partnerships in wealth creation. This is why ‘get rich’ and ‘quick’ are not in our vocabulary.

Preparing your wealth space

Part of living in the wealth space involves being in the right mind space and this requires preparation in order to adjust our thinking.

Being wealthy is about living the life that you choose to live – and this often means having more discretionary time than discretionary income. This is no easy task as it requires compromise, diligence and commitment. It’s for these reasons why preparation is so important and why success seems to elude so many people.

Putting in the hard work

It’s a general law of the universe that the more worthwhile a goal is, the harder it is to achieve. It takes more time, more energy, more money and more patience. Think about the journey of raising a family, building a business, becoming a qualified professional or planting and harvesting crops; all of those are worthy endeavours that require huge amounts of work, time and resources.

Stop repeating mistakes

It was Einstein who said that doing things over and over again, in exactly the same way, and expecting a different outcome is the sign of madness. It seems obvious, but human behaviour has shown us that we’re often slow to learn from our mistakes. Success is not about the absence of mistakes, it’s about the ability to learn from our mistakes and change our thinking and our behaviour to achieve results that are in line with our desired outcome.

Achieving success is not easy, but it’s far easier with a partner; someone who can help you find new solutions to thrive. Solutions to think differently, work smarter and find the blind spots that might be holding you back, that’s how we help our clients achieve their personal version of success.